UPDATED: How can I post an article / picture / video?

3 ways (1st way is best):

  1. (Best Way): Go to this link –> Submit my Post
  2. Articles/Posts: Click on your member photo –> then click on the link on the left side called ‘Article’ –> look at the new menu above –> Post here.
  3. Quick comments: can be posted in the ‘Latest Activity’ area –> go to the sub-menu on the header bar link called InterPlan | Base-Camp –> Latest Activity –> Post here.


How to add your profile picture…?


To update your profile pic and over-all profile;


  1. Click on your member icon
  2. Look at the sub-menu on the left side
  3. Click on the link to ’Profile’
  4. Look at the sub-menu above and use the links to edit your entire profile



What about Politics?

    • No, not on this ‘family discussion content’ website… There are plenty of other venues to discuss politics with other than on our ‘Family’ website.


Can I Invite my Wife / Husband / Partner / Kids ?

Yes! Please do! The idea is that we can all ‘stay in touch’ privately and securely!

Many of us get married or have a ‘serious’ partner (girlfriend or boyfriend), have maiden names, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces and so on… They should ALL be invited!

But, this ‘Family Style | Base-Camp’ is intended for family. It is NOT intended for neighbors, diving buddies, the ‘Just Friends’ groups of people.

If the Custom Car Club, Fly Fishing, Home Brewing or Photography groups need a private ‘Members Only’ website, please get them in touch with @admin ASAP! I can build it for them!


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