Today: Jun. 7, 2023
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      How to add your profile picture…?

      To update your profile pic and over-all profile;

      1. Click on “My Profile” from the menu in the right sidebar
      2. Hover your mouse over the “Profile Picture” and click on it
      3. Be sure to update the rest of your profile while you are at it
      4. You may also update your “Cover Image” in the same way

      Category: What can I do here?

      About / Dan Lennon, Vero Beach, Florida, USA --- CREATIVE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT For more than 25 years: designed, developed, implemented, and hosted creative dynamic data-driven websites for use on the Internet. --- Personally; Heavy Metal Wreck Diver! Lobster diving, spearfishing, and deep-diving are my favorite passions! I also enjoy flyfishing, camping, traveling, boating, and shooting! --- Speak English, German and intermediate Spanish

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