Why do I need to verify my email for membership?

  • The reason why you need to verify your mail address is one of the simple security methods to ensure you are not being ‘spoofed’ by someone that is not you trying to pretend to be you.
  • Also, the measure gives me a ‘heads up’ that your are joining the site and I can review your info to be sure you should be a member of our family website.
  • If I did not require this email verification step in the membership sign up process, someone could become a member and start using the website, communicating, view other private member profiles, etc. before I realize whether they are a legitimate family member or not and block them off or not.



Is this site safe for my kids?

Yes! This website is designed to be a safe place for ALL of our family members! Site rating is ‘G’ for ALL ages!

  • There are plenty of other places on the internet for ‘other than’ rated G content. This is going to remain appropriate for all of our family members (very young and older!) 


Is my new membership account automatic?

No! You must verify your email address! Please –>

  1. Check your email immediately –>
  2. Find the automated message this site sent to you –>
  3. Open it –>
  4. Click on the link to ‘verify email’
  5. Done 😉



Is InterPlan | Family Base-Camp un-hack-able?

Well, YES & NO! Sorry, but there will always be the possibility of an unwanted intruder, maliciousness and content theft.

Note: As stated in the purpose of this website should be an indication of how I feel about our security and privacy. I am going to do my best to stay on the forefront of security and technology and employ all reasonable measures to that end.


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