UPDATED: How can I post an article / picture / video?

3 ways (1st way is best):

  1. (Best Way): Go to this link –> Submit my Post
  2. Articles/Posts: Click on your member photo –> then click on the link on the left side called ‘Article’ –> look at the new menu above –> Post here.
  3. Quick comments: can be posted in the ‘Latest Activity’ area –> go to the sub-menu on the header bar link called InterPlan | Base-Camp –> Latest Activity –> Post here.


How to add your profile picture…?


To update your profile pic and over-all profile;


  1. Click on your member icon
  2. Look at the sub-menu on the left side
  3. Click on the link to ’Profile’
  4. Look at the sub-menu above and use the links to edit your entire profile



What about Politics?

    • No, not on this ‘family discussion content’ website… There are plenty of other venues to discuss politics with other than on our ‘Family’ website.


Why isn’t the ‘Lennon’ name prevalent all over this website?

Great question!

  • This website is not only for the ‘Lennon’s’… but it is also for ‘ALL’ of our other family members!
  • This website is for all of our family with other surnames including, not limited to & not in any specific order;
  1. Frisch,
  2. Labrum,
  3. Glymin,
  4. Bronner,
  5. Potorff,
  6. Bouma,
  7. Stewart,
  8. Avecilla,
  9. Van Buren,
  10. Ratchaphong,
  11. Mojahed,
  12. Hasek,
  13. Kinchella
  14. Lennon
  15. Hamilton
  16. Kelly
  17. Murphy


  • I am certain that I have missed several names, but that is where you can help me! Send me a message @admin and I will add the names to this list ASAP!
  • I am NOT trying to be overly sensitive. I AM trying to truly welcome ALL of our close family members!



Why do I need to verify my email for membership?

  • The reason why you need to verify your mail address is one of the simple security methods to ensure you are not being ‘spoofed’ by someone that is not you trying to pretend to be you.
  • Also, the measure gives me a ‘heads up’ that your are joining the site and I can review your info to be sure you should be a member of our family website.
  • If I did not require this email verification step in the membership sign up process, someone could become a member and start using the website, communicating, view other private member profiles, etc. before I realize whether they are a legitimate family member or not and block them off or not.


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