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          Memorial Day – Fred W. Lennon


          Memorial Day – Fred W. Lennon

          Story authored by:

          Remembering Fred W. Lennon, 1944 – 1966

          Brother Fred was the oldest of 12 kids, 10 boys, and 2 girls. His parents Fred & Katie were kids themselves being just 18 years old when they were married and started their family.

          Fred Sr. (Grandad) was in the Air Force during World War II, they lived in Texas and Florida during his service in the military. They settled in their hometown of Sioux City where the Lennon clan was raised.

          Brother Fred was always mischievous and loved playing pranks with his family and friends. He definitely was a character and the life of the party. He was athletic and participated in football, track, and wrestling in High school.

          Fred briefly attended Loras College in Dubuque Iowa before enlisting in the Army where he advanced on to Green Beret and special forces.

          The Vietnam war was televised live every night. We brothers and sisters were told to watch the evening news every night during dinner to see if we could see Fred on the news.

          Fred was missing in action for three days and I will never forget when the Army Generals came to the door to give us the news that Fred had been killed in action.

          Fred was my hero before he was killed in Vietnam in 1966.

          I honor every service person that’s ever served to protect this beautiful country. RIP Love and miss you Fred!


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          2. Thank you Uncle Cal & Uncle Tim for the story and photos of your brother Fred W. Lennon!

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