Today: Jun. 7, 2023
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      Lennon Adventures – Manatees in the Florida Keys


      Lennon Adventures – Manatees in the Florida Keys

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      I hope this finds you healthy and happy this summer. It has been a while since our last update. We took most of the winter off from making videos.

      We are all staying healthy and happy and loving the life we live.

      This winter was spent mostly in Florida and for us, it was really exciting to see Manatees for the first time ever!

      …and AJ and I celebrated our 19th year anniversary from when we first met 🙂

      Thank you for watching and following our adventures!

      Check out the new video.

      We hope you enjoy sharing another day in the life of the Lennons on the road with Lennon Adventures!

      Thank you for supporting our adventures by following and viewing our videos.


      Robert and AJ

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