Why should I/we use this website instead of FaKeBook | FalseBook?


  1. This is a ‘Members Only’ private Family Base-Camp designed to help our families stay more connected, plan events, share photos, recipes, movie recommendations, chat & pm with each other – privately!
  2.  This website will NEVER sell your private information!
  3.  This website will NEVER share your private information!
  4. This website is designed to be ‘appropriate’ for ALL ages of our families!
  5. This website WILL reduce the ‘clutter’ of information we are consuming and filter to what is important to us – not what people you don’t even know are doing or happen to be in Timbuktu & had for breakfast or any other silly details of what they were doing while ‘Day Drinking’ (might have been funny)!
  6. This website will give us family members the ‘secure’, ‘private’ and ‘FUN’ connection that we have all been waiting for!



How can I add a Photo or Video Album?


  1. Look to the ‘right side bar’ menu and click on your photo
  2. Click on the link for ‘Media’ from the new ‘left side bar’ menu
  3. Now click on the small ‘Gear’ shaped icon for ‘Options’ and select ‘New Album’
  4. Give your new Album a Title and Description

That’s it! Now you are ready to add photos or videos!

Note: You can create specific albums for videos and photos and also categorize them 😉


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