Late night marauder!

Here's the latest from our Family members!

When you live in suburbia Colorado… 

I guess you have to prepare yourself for all kinds of wild life. 

Late one night we had this visitor. What a shocker! Obviously after the honey. Needless to say, the bees were pissed and took it out on me getting the hive back together. Fortunately only a few broken parts, but fixable and the hives survived. Came back the next night and knocked one of the hives over again! A teenager, so the wildlife experts said. 

Caught him further in suburbia 5 miles away the next day. What a traveler! 

Kelly and Katie

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17 days ago

That makes for a great story! I didn’t know you were keeping a honey bee hive. How fun! Love the pics too.

Dan Lennon
2 months ago

What a surprise for everyone! But the bear looked very happy eating the honey!

Reply to  Dan Lennon
2 months ago

The bees fighting back was funny to watch the bear rolling around to get them off of him.

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