Here is an abbreviated list of the some of the security measures employed for our protection:

  • SSL / Secure Socket Layers, i.e. https://* versus http://
  • Membership management system for content control
  • Firewall scanning for malware, sql injections, known evil IP addresses, trouble makers and hackers with auto blocking
  • Automatic blocking for ‘abusive’ users and ‘sketchy’ activities
  • reCAPTCHA (both Visible & Invisible)
  • Anti Spam for all messages, posts, bots, crawlers and creeps
  • The site is completely database driven. All content is dynamically built on the fly. (this is not your average html website.)
  • Databases, posts, pages and graphics are encrypted

Okay, I will stop there before you go to sleep – LOL 😉 want more info? @admin


Category: Security
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