Fred and Katie Lennon Reunion – Summer 2022

Fred and Katie Lennon Reunion – Summer 2022

Hi Everyone,

The Fred and Katie Lennon Reunion for summer 2022 will be here before you know it!

It’s info gathering time!!! Please complete this survey as soon as possible so that we can get the best idea of what everyone is envisioning for our 2022 reunion.

If you see your children or grandchildren have not signed up for this Lennon Family Base Cap site please have them do so. We would love to have an all inclusive list so information gets out to all.

Ali, Katie, Libby, and Lindsay
(You can call or text with questions) 760-402-1978

Late night marauder!

Late night marauder!

When you live in suburbia Colorado… 

I guess you have to prepare yourself for all kinds of wild life. 

Late one night we had this visitor. What a shocker! Obviously after the honey. Needless to say, the bees were pissed and took it out on me getting the hive back together. Fortunately only a few broken parts, but fixable and the hives survived. Came back the next night and knocked one of the hives over again! A teenager, so the wildlife experts said. 

Caught him further in suburbia 5 miles away the next day. What a traveler! 

Kelly and Katie

Emergency Preparedness!

Emergency Preparedness!

Family Emergency Kit Checklist

Your family may not be together at the time of a disaster so it is important to develop an emergency plan before disaster strikes. The plan should include a communication plan, disaster supplies kit, and an evacuation plan. It is especially important for people with bleeding disorders to have a plan in place in order to ensure that the same level of care is maintained in the event of a disaster.

To develop your family emergency plan, you need to be able to answer the following questions… (See the PDF at the bottom of this post.)

The attached PDF at the bottom of this post is sourced directly from the CDC. You may download and print it.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Every year I look forward to this day because it reminds me of the warm summers camping and fishing with my son’s and celebrating Grandad’s Birthday on the 4th of July!

As a proud US citizen, military veteran and hard working man of the Greatest Nation on Earth… This is the day we can all remember our ancestors everywhere and here in the US and all they worked for and accomplished to help secure our freedom and prosperity!

Hopefully you are a grateful as I am to be an American citizen or a legal resident of our great nation.

Enjoy the bar-b-que, fireworks, family time and your freedom today!

Post your comments below or submit your own announcement here: Submit your Post!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

First… I’m doing well after my knee repacement on the 11th…. up and hobbling around with a green beer. Cheers!

Following is one of my favorite Irish sayings…

“May you have the hindsight to know where your’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far!”


Dan Sr.

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