Blocked by the Firewall?

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Have you been Blocked by our Firewall?

If you have been one of the few that has tried to enter the wrong password several times or have repeatedly forgotten to check the ‘I am Human’ checkbox…

You then received a a webpage with a message stating that you have been Blocked by our ShieldPro Firewall.

If that has happened to you and you are a member of this ‘Family’ website, please send me an email with ‘ONLY’ your IP address that is displayed in the box that contains your information.

After I receive your message and your IP address from your ‘HOME or OFFICE computer, I will then un-Block your IP address and I will also ‘white list’ your IP address so that you do not get blocked again.

Note: This will not help you if you are on a ‘PUBLIC’ computer network or ‘PUBLIC’ WiFi connection.

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Your Information

Here is an abbreviated list of the some of the security measures employed for our protection:


SSL / Secure Socket Layers, i.e. https://* versus http://


Membership management system for content control


Firewall scanning for malware, sql injections, known evil IP addresses, trouble makers and hackers with auto blocking


Automatic blocking for ‘abusive’ users and ‘sketchy’ activities


reCAPTCHA (both Visible & Invisible)


Anti Spam for all messages, posts, bots, crawlers and creeps


The site is completely database driven. All content is dynamically built on the fly. (this is not your average html website.)


Databases, posts, pages and graphics are encrypted


Okay, I will stop there before you go to sleep – LOL 😉

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