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  2. This is a 'Members Only' private (Lennon) Family Base-Camp designed to help our families stay more connected, plan events, share photos, recipes, movie recommendations, chat & pm with each other – privately!
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Family Reunion 2022

We are so excited to get planning underway for our upcoming Lennon Family Reunion in 2022. Nana and Grandad (Fred and Kate) were able to establish such strong family roots and traditions it's now our time (the cousins) to carry the torch and keep making more family memories! Katie, Libby, Lindsay and myself are working to get a survey out …
Family Reunion 2022

How can I post something?

There are two easy ways to post your own content: Go to the 'Latest Activity' link in the sub-menu on the header bar link called InterPlan | Base-Camp. Post here. Click on your member photo, then click on the link on the left side called 'Activity.' Post here.

How to add your profile picture...?

To update your profile pic and over-all profile; Click on your member icon Look at the sub-menu on the left side Click on the link to ’Profile’ Look at the sub-menu above and use the links to edit your entire profile

What about Politics?

No, not on this 'family discussion content' website... There are plenty of other venues to discuss politics with other than on our 'Family' website.

Why isn't the 'Lennon' name prevalent all over this website?

Great question! This website is not only for the 'Lennon's'... but it is also for 'ALL' of our other family members! This website is for all of our family with other surnames including, not limited to & not in any specific order; Frisch, Labrum, Glymin, Bronner, Potorff, Bouma, Stewart, Avecilla, Van Buren, Ratchaphong, Mojahed, Hasek, Kinchella Lennon Hamilton Kelly Murphy …

Why do I need to verify my email for membership?

The reason why you need to verify your mail address is one of the simple security methods to ensure you are not being 'spoofed' by someone that is not you trying to pretend to be you. Also, the measure gives me a 'heads up' that your are joining the site and I can review your info to be sure you …

Why does the website slow down from 5 am - 6 am EST?

Daily 'full site' backups are running from 5 am - 6 am EST everyday. This site is huge! It takes a lot of processing power just to run it but then it takes even more to collect the 1.2 GBs, with all of the databases, settings and code. Then compress it and store it in the cloud. As I continue …

When will the Contests winners be announced?

From the main menu drop-down, select any of the 3 contests. After selecting one, your will see buttons in the menu bar under the contest banner image. You will then see a button for the 'Rules & Prizes' - click there for details.

Who is moderating this website?

Dan Lennon | Vero Beach @admin is the only moderator at this time. I welcome a few more people to help with this role. If you are willing to help, please message me @admin asap!

Is this site safe for my kids?

Yes! This website is designed to be a safe place for ALL of our family members! Site rating is 'G' for ALL ages! There are plenty of other places on the internet for 'other than' rated G content. This is going to remain appropriate for all of our family members (very young and older!)

Can I suggest or request a new feature page, module or change for this site?

Yes! Please do! Send you ideas to Diver Dan @admin asap! You can also send me an email. Find my contact info when you click on my profile picture! Or click on the 'Contact Us' button and send it!

What kind of events can I post?

Here are a few ideas to get you started: Karate level up belt testing and award ceremonies Weekly local softball game schedules Local wine tasting party Superbowl party Bar-B-Que and swimming pool get together Thursday night shoot pool group games These are just a few ideas. I'm pretty sure you can think of other events that can be listed and …

Is my new membership account automatic?

No! You must verify your email address! Please --> Check your email immediately --> Find the automated message this site sent to you --> Open it --> Click on the link to 'verify email' Done ;)

Is InterPlan | Family Base-Camp un-hack-able?

Well, YES & NO! Sorry, but there will always be the possibility of an unwanted intruder, maliciousness and content theft. Note: As stated in the purpose of this website should be an indication of how I feel about our security and privacy. I am going to do my best to stay on the forefront of security and technology and employ …

What security measures are in place to protect this website?

Here is an abbreviated list of the some of the security measures employed for our protection: SSL / Secure Socket Layers, i.e. https://* versus http:// Membership management system for content control Firewall scanning for malware, sql injections, known evil IP addresses, trouble makers and hackers with auto blocking Automatic blocking for 'abusive' users and 'sketchy' activities reCAPTCHA (both Visible & …

Can 'Anybody' on the Internet see my personal info?

No! This is a private system and it requires 'Membership' to get in and participate, communicate and share information between our family.

What are the Groups used for?

The groups are self titled and should be used for common interest discussions. Please make your New Group(s) suggestions or Group name changes.

Why should I/we use this website instead of FaKeBook | FalseBook?

This is a ‘Members Only’ private Family Base-Camp designed to help our families stay more connected, plan events, share photos, recipes, movie recommendations, chat & pm with each other – privately! This website will NEVER sell your private information! This website will NEVER share your private information! This website is designed to be 'appropriate' for ALL ages of our families! This …

Who built this website?

Diver Dan | Vero Beach | @admin! I have two primary professions/careers... I am a Professional diver and Instructor... But, I am also a website developer! Message me if you need a professional, personal, club, hobby or any website built, please contact me @admin ;)

Can I Invite my Wife / Husband / Partner / Kids ?

Yes! Please do! The idea is that we can all 'stay in touch' privately and securely! Many of us get married or have a 'serious' partner (girlfriend or boyfriend), have maiden names, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces and so on... They should ALL be invited! But, this 'Family Style | Base-Camp' is intended for family. It is NOT intended for …

How can I add a Photo or Video Album?

Yes! Look to the 'right side bar' menu and click on your photo Click on the link for 'Media' from the new 'left side bar' menu Now click on the small 'Gear' shaped icon for 'Options' and select 'New Album' Give your new Album a Title and Description That's it! Now you are ready to add photos or videos! Note: …

Can I schedule or edit an Event?

Yes! 1st Add the 'Event Manager' level to your membership. Then you will have the appropriate 'permissions' to add and edit events on this website for any members of this site! If or when you would like some help creating your first event, please send a message to @admin.